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          Ceramic frit raw material mixing tips

          2018-05-17 16:09:49 admin 1209
          The principle of mixing ceramic frit raw materials is only one, that is, full mixing, the following Xiaobian to introduce the two points that need special attention when mixing raw materials:
               1. Adding sequence when the raw material and refractory raw material are mixed: The refractory raw material (such as quartz, zircon sand, etc.) should be moistened with a small amount of water first, and then the fluxing raw material (such as borax, red lead, potassium nitrate, etc.) should be added. Stir, mix, sifted, and finally add other raw materials to fully mix evenly to ensure that the surface of the refractory material is fully enveloped by the flux, and the fused surface of the refractory material is formed at a relatively low temperature to achieve rapid and complete melting.
               2. The method or sequence of adding less than 3 to 5 wt% of the material. In the dry blending process, each ingredient is added one by one when compounded. It will produce wet agglomerates or local relative concentration, resulting in non-uniform mixing, and the proportion will decrease, resulting in greater error.
               The above information about ceramic frit is introduced here today. Thank you all for reading. If you have any need, please contact us.
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