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          Juncera Helps Saudi Rong Sheng Production Line Put into Production Smooth

          2022-11-08 09:14:38 Juncera 505

                    Juncera Helps Saudi Rong Sheng Production Line Put into Production Smooth

                On the morning of July 22, 2022 Saudi time, Rongsheng Ceramics Factory in Saudi Arabia was successfully put into operation with the assistance of Junera technicians for nearly one month.


                Rongsheng Saudi Ceramic Factory is located in Harbang Industrial City, Riyadh Province, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia! The first phase was put into production in July 2002, producing 300 * 600 second-fired interior wall tiles, supporting 300 * 300 matt floor tiles and 600 * 600 bright floor tiles. Daily output 50000-55000 square meters! The second phase was put into production in September. At present, it produces 600 * 600 bright floor tiles with a daily output of 40000 square meters. It is provided by Juncera, and the bottom glaze is titanium frit. Glazed transparent frit, inkjet frit, matte frit!

                During this period, Juncera technicians used rich production experience and comprehensive technical guidance to debug many times from experiment to production, accurate to every step of the process, which was unanimously recognized by customers.



                 The smooth production of the production line in Saudi Arabia has set a model for Junera to explore the Middle East market.In the future, Junera will work with more customers to create new brilliance!

                In 2022, Junera and you will continue to create the future and win together!

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